Having our mobile phone damaged by water is probably one of our worst nightmares. All of our important photos or documents could be forever lost. Unfortunately, most mobile phone warranties rarely cover water damage, and placing your phone into a bowl of rice doesn’t help either. This apparent trick is a myth that can actually make the water damage worse. We’ve put together some of the best tips to try to rescue your phone from permanent water damage. 

  • Remove from water immediately – This might sound like an obvious first step, but you’d be surprised how many people consider it as “too late” and not worth the rush of removing. 

  • Turn your phone off – More often than not, once your phone has fallen into water it’ll automatically turn off. If this isn’t the case, turn your phone off straight away and don’t touch any buttons! 

  • Wash your phone- If your mobile phone has liquid spilt on it that isn’t water, such as soft drink, grab a damp cloth and wipe it down to avoid any further damage. 

  • Dry the phone – Wipe down your phone with a soft dry cloth once washed or straight away if only damaged by water.

  • Remove Water – If any water has entered the charging points of your phone, gently shake it. Don’t shake your phone intensely to avoid any water spreading further. 

  • Remove your SIM card – We would also recommend removing the battery if you can, although keep in mind that most smart phones don’t let you. 

  • Blow out the water – If you have a compressed aerosol duster, use this to blow any water out of your phone. Don’t use a hair dryer as this is likely to causes further damage due to heat.

  • Fan dry your phone – Place your phone in front of a fan to dry it out, especially the phones ports.

  • Absorb the moisture- Putting your phone in an airtight container full of silica gel packets (those little packets in new shoes) is a great way to help absorb any moisture. 

  • Don’t rush to charge your phone- Apple suggests waiting at least five hours to charge your phone after any water damage. Charging your phone while liquid is still inside can lead to more damage, so make sure you are certain that your phone is dry. 

If the above steps and tips didn’t work and you’re still stuck with an unusable and wet phone, we don’t recommend trying any other at-home solutions. Instead, you’re best to bring your phone to a professional. 

Our team of experts at the I.T Shop have the experience and knowledge it takes to repair water damaged phones. We’ve been supporting Sunshine Coast locals for over a decade with all their technical needs, call us on (07) 5903 5943 so we can help support you too. 

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